Our August 2013 agility trial held August 24 & 25 at Queen City Dog Training Club was a success!

We had 7 Dobermans on Saturday 9 on Sunday.

There were great runs and it was also just a great time for many of our members to just sit and chat and have fun..

I had so many people compliment me on how great a trial we put on. There is nothing better than having a good reputation for a well run trial.
We owe a lot of that to the Queen City group of hard working members.
From Erica as secretary, Jane did a ton with workers and food.
BUT, the best is the MACH bars and ribbons. I heard someone say that someone threw a run last weekend so that they could earn their MACH at OUR trial because we have such gorgeous ribbons!!
HIT on Sat was Flare in JWW, & Feisty in Standard.
HIT on Sun was Flare in JWW & Porsche in Standard.
The best was being able to spend time with Dan & Brenda. He is the best judge ever, giving us great courses. They celebrated their 43rd wedding  anniversary last week, CONGRATS!!!
THANKS everyone!!!