It was a wonderful trial.

2016july-1In case you didn’t hear, the electric went off at 9:50 AM Sun, and didn’t come back on until after 1 PM. With the 10 windows in the ring building, it was not too bad, and gave each exhibitor the chance to decide if they wanted to run. Most did.

We had some wonderful runs by our Dobermans entered this weekend – Spark, Bird, Bling, and guest Dobe Cheryl Lint and Nessa

Spark received 2 HIT’s, Bling got one, and Nessa got one.

CONGRATS, some great runs, and a beautiful representation of our working breed

Queen City is such a great club  to work with, they put on some well run trials, we are very lucky to be able to pair up with them.

They will be sending our check to Joyce soon, so we will have more for rescue and health!!!2016july-3

And of Course, so GREAT to see Dan Faulkner, as always it is such fun to work with him!  He loved his basket of puppy toys!

And, Wende brought us CAKE, her own going away cake, we will miss her so!!!